Expert Embryologists & Andrologists

The quality care and support we provide our patients at every stage of their journey to parenthood is all thanks to the dedication and expertise of our support team.

Our team of lab scientists and andrologists, led by Dr Liow Swee Lian, work closely with your fertility doctor to ensure the success of your treatment programme.

We invite you read more about the background and expertise of our Scientific Director and Senior Embryologist

Dr Liow

Scientific Director

Dr Liow Swee Lian has helped many couples achieve their dream of having a baby, and has enjoyed high success rates in the first cycle with frozen embryos
padmini sugumaran

Clinical Embryologist

Padmini Sugumaran takes pride in handling the gametes and embryos of patients with prudence and provides high level of quality care.

The latest scientific techniques used at Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore to help maximise your chance of having a healthy baby explained by Dr Liow Swee Lian, Scientific Director.