Virtus Fertility Centre Patient Rights & Responsibilities

We want to ensure your experience with us is as straightforward and supportive as possible. As a patient at Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore, you have the right to:

  • Be treated without discrimination, and with dignity and respect in a safe environment
  • Be informed of the possible reasons for your infertility, and all available treatment choices, and have your diagnosis and prognosis, medication and treatment explained in easily understood language
  • Make a personal choice as to which treatment plan you prefer
  • Make decisions as to how your eggs, sperm and embryos are to be used
  • Change or withdraw your consent to treatment at any time
  • Privacy during examination, procedures, clinical care and treatment
  • A second opinion – you can transfer to another doctor if you are not satisfied with the care or opinion provided
  • Reasonable continuity of care, including discharge instructions
  • Request your medical records, and have all records kept up to date and confidential (see our Privacy Policy for more details), and
  • Have your complaints addressed, and receive an appropriate response.

To make sure we provide the highest quality care and most appropriate treatment advice, you also need to commit to the following patient responsibilities:

  • Fully understand your recommended treatment and the risks involved
  • Follow all instructions given to you by our staff, and ask questions if you do not understand
  • Provide an accurate and complete history of your illnesses, hospitalisation, medications and any other health-related concerns
  • Let us know about any side-effects or unexpected symptoms
  • Treat Virtus Fertility Centre staff with respect, and
  • Promptly make payments as required.