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Dedicated to Giving You the Best Possible Chance of a Baby

Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore provides quality, compassionate care for couples who are experiencing difficulty in falling pregnant. Our team of fertility specialists, embryologists, nurses and fertility coaches work together to give you the best possible chance of having a baby.

A member of Virtus Health

Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore is wholly owned by Virtus Health, one of the world’s most successful fertility service providers. Our network of fertility specialists, embryologists, nurses, fertility coaches and support staff include reproductive science pioneers. Outside of Singapore, we work with IVFAustraliaMelbourne IVFQueensland Fertility Group and TasIVF, as well as Sims IVF and Rotunda IVF in Ireland.

This gives Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore access to world-class reproductive science techniques and proven treatment programmes so we can support couples in Singapore with highly complex fertility issues. We can also assist with Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis  (PGD) and sperm or egg donation fertility treatment in Singapore.

Caring and Compassionate Care

As a group, we also understand that IVF treatment, along with fertility tests and diagnosis, can be an emotional journey. Many of our patients have been through a great deal before their first appointment with our fertility specialists in Singapore. Our philosophy is to provide all the support, information and care you need to feel assured at every stage.

Reliable Fertility Facilities in Singapore

Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore is also committed to raising the standard of fertility care in the region. Our new, custom-built laboratory will set new benchmarks in Southeast Asia as ISO-certified clean room IVF laboratory that is linked to day-hospital facilities designed with patient care and comfort in mind.

Good, clean air quality is essential for optimal embryo development and the clean room eliminates environmental fluctuations in air quality ensuring the environment in the laboratory has the lowest level possible of environmental pollutants. Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore is conscious of the Singapore air quality standards and as such, invested in the construction of this ISO certified clean-room embryology laboratory to provide the highest quality of laboratory air cleanliness.

The laboratory, with walls and ceilings constructed using sandwich cleanroom panels without any gap or groove, coupled with dedicated air conditioning supply and positive air pressure, for filtration, recirculation and validation to an international standard ISO 14644, all constitute yo a purpose-built ISO certifiable clean room. While other laboratories can establish an environment of clean air by using HEPA filters, this is not equivalent to the custom-built clean room construction of Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore's embryology laboratory.
With the introduction of embryoscope, and the use Electronic ID Tracking (an RI witness system which uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to detect and monitor activity in the IVF Laboratory), we are better positioned than ever before to deliver even greater results.

See how Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore employs the latest technology to help ensure the safety and success of your fertility treatment. - Hosted by Dr Liow Swee Lian, Scientific Director.

Inside Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore