International Patients

Welcoming patients from across the Southeast Asia region

At Virtus Fertility Centre in Singapore, our Fertility Specialists can work with your local doctor to provide experienced care, diagnosis and treatment at every stage. We want to turn hope into happiness for many more couples across the region, especially for those whose home country centres cannot offer a full range of services, or who have been diagnosed with more complex fertility issues.

Our specialists are fluent or conversational in many Asian languages, as well as English, which can be reassuring when you need to feel confident your doctor really understands your needs and situation. As they also support regional fertility centres in countries such as India and Vietnam, our highly-regarded fertility specialists understand the unique requirements, regulations and cultural needs of your own country.

Patient support across borders

Our patient support team will make the process as straightforward, and time-effective, as possible for you, and can advise on all aspects of travel, accommodation, appointment timing and payments. We can arrange an initial consultation via phone to understand your situation, and explain the most effective treatment plan for your needs, designed to give you the best chance of success.

If you are referred to us by a non-IVF specialist (such as your local doctor) one of our IVF specialists will manage the entire process for you from stimulation to embryo transfer. You will need to spend a few weeks in Singapore for the IVF cycle to complete, but once your pregnancy is confirmed your doctor, or obstetrician, can care for you in your home country.

If your referring doctor is an IVF specialist, they can manage the initial stimulation and management, and you only need to fly to Singapore for egg collection (ovum pick up or OPU) and embryo transfer by our doctors.

If there are any reproductive health treatments that cannot be undertaken locally our extensive Australian network of pioneering fertility specialists can assist. 

Please ask us about our specialist services for international patients.