Elective Egg Freezing

Planning for the future … today

Predicting what the future holds is nearly impossible, from career opportunities and where they might take you, to meeting the right person to share your life with.  Sometimes things just don’t work out exactly as we plan, or we’re waiting for the “right time”.

Is Elective Egg Freezing right for you?

When it comes to female fertility, timing is everything and whilst you can’t predict the future, science has thankfully given you the ability to press pause on your biological clock. Choosing to freeze your eggs may give you more time to achieve your goals before starting a family.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, but we know the single most important factor affecting a woman’s fertility is age. 

For a better understanding if elective egg freezing is the right path for you, start by asking yourself the following questions.

How old are you?
Realistically, how old do you think you’ll be when you have your first child?
Ideally, how old will you be when you complete your family?

If the answer to any of these is over 35, then elective egg freezing may be a good option for you to consider.

Whether you’re interested in freezing your eggs now, sometime in the future or you’d just like to understand more about egg freezing in general, we’re here to help.  Contact us to schedule an appointment to understand your fertility options. 

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What is Elective Egg Freezing?

Elective egg freezing, scientifically referred to as oocyte cryopreservation, is the process that gives you the freedom to freeze your eggs when they’re healthy and of high quality, allowing you to conceive at a later time, when natural conception might be difficult or unlikely.

Using a technique called vitrification, or fast-freeze technology, the eggs are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen. Frozen eggs can be stored for many years without significant deterioration and when a woman is ready to use her eggs, they are warmed and then fertilised with sperm.

In Singapore, only women aged 37 years or younger may undergo elective egg freezing and only legally married couples are allowed to use frozen eggs for parenthood.

What is the egg freezing process at Virtus Fertility Centre?

View the step-by-step process below.

  • Asian women on laptop - egg freezing

    Step 1: Consultation with Fertility Specialist

    The elective egg freezing process begins with a consultation with one of our fertility specialists to review your medical history and organise a fertility assessment comprising of blood tests and a pelvic ultrasound. Once your specialist has your results they will discuss these with you and your options going forward.

  • Asian counsellor for egg freezing

    Step 2: Elective Egg Freezing Counselling

    Once you have decided to move forward with the elective egg freezing process, you will be required to undergo mandatory counselling to ensure you understand the emotional, physical, and financial challenges associated with Elective Egg Freezing.

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    Step 3: Hormonal Stimulation

    The egg freezing process begins with hormonal stimulation for about 10-12 days. The medications are self-administered by a daily injection using a simple pen device with a small needle. Our specialist fertility team will explain the medication to you in detail and teach you how to do this.  Sometimes the injections can you make you feel a little bloated but there are no frequent significant side effects, allowing you to carry on with your normal daily activities through the period of stimulation.

  • Chinese Fertility Doctor

    Step 4: Egg Collection

    Monitoring via blood tests and ultrasound, your fertility specialist will confirm when there are enough eggs for the procedure to take place and your egg collection will be scheduled.

    Carried out under a light general anaesthetic, your fertility specialist will use an ultrasound guided probe which has a needle guide attached to it. The fine needle passes through the vaginal wall into the ovary and draws the fluid containing your precious eggs from the ovary. The fertility specialist passes the fluid to our team of experienced embryologists who determine how many mature eggs have been retrieved.

  • Asian women who froze her eggs

    Step 5: Freezing your eggs

    Once in the laboratory your eggs undergo a freezing process called vitrification. This involves rapidly freezing the eggs using a process that extracts fluid from the eggs to prevent potentially damaging ice crystals forming.  Once frozen or vitrified, your eggs may be stored safely for many years.


At Virtus Fertility Centre we have two treatment options available for Elective Egg Freezing.

Egg Freezing Costs
All-inclusive EEF PackageThis package is exclusive to Dr Roland Chieng and Dr Yeong Cheng Toh's private clinics and includes counselling session, consultations, medications and Oocyte Retrieval (egg collection) including fertility specialist and anaesthetist’s professional fees, operating theatre and recovery room chares, laboratory charges and freezing and storage of eggs for 2 years from date of freezing.$9,999 (excl GST)
Elective Egg Freezing with choice of Fertility Specialist – Oocyte Retrieval OnlyOocyte Retrieval Package includes laboratory, operating and recovery room charges, anaesthetist’s fees, counselling session, oocyte freezing and storage for 2 years from date of freezing$4,200* (excl GST)
Surgeon Fees - these costs are according to Doctor’s own fee schedule and are collected separately in the Doctor’s consulting rooms.
Oocyte StorageFollowing the initials 2 years of storage offered under both EEF packages the following charges will apply:
1-year storage$900 (excl GST)
2-year storage$1,600 (excl GST)
3-year storage$2,000 (excl GST
Additional charge for > 20Per egg$50 (excl GST)

*Includes standard medications only, non-standard drugs to be charged separately (estimated $100-$300)