Sperm & Egg Donor Programme

Singapore Specialists in Sperm and Egg Donors

For some couples, using donor eggs or donor sperm may be their only chance to have a baby. Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore provides a supportive, dedicated sperm and egg donor programme for couples facing this decision.

Our egg and sperm donor programme is based on many decades of expertise in Australia, and you will be guided throughout the process by a dedicated coach in Singapore.

How Does the Sperm Donor Programme Work?

Our sperm donors comply with Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines. All donors are screened for infectious diseases and genetic conditions, and they undergo psychological assessment as well. Their profiles are also de-identified before you make your selection. Currently, the donors remain anonymous.

How Does the Egg Donor Programme Work?

If you wish to use donor eggs, you will need to find your own egg (oocyte) donor this is usually a relative or close friend. They will need to undergo psychological assessment and counselling, as well as screening for genetic risk or diseases, before the eggs are extracted through a relatively simple day procedure

How Much Does it Cost to use an Egg or Sperm Donor?

Virtus Fertility Centre Singapore charges an administrative fee for the sperm programme, as well as the medical costs involved with your IVF or other fertility treatment plan. Please be aware that you are not allowed to pay any egg or sperm donor directly for their donated gametes.