Artificial Intelligence and Fertility - what does that mean for you? (registration closed)

Date: Sat 27 June 2020
Time: 2:00pm SGT – 4:00pm SGT

We are holding a webinar to share with you all new practices in fertility treatment in Singapore and we discuss the new and advanced technologies in our IVF laboratories to improve pregnancy outcomes.


Introduction: Overview of IVF in Singapore

Speaker: Dr Ann Tan

The A.R.T. in IVF

Speaker: Dr SL Liow

Dr Liow will speak on the best laboratory practices and approaches to improve IVF outcomes e.g. DNA fragmentation assay, selection of sperm and oocyte for ICSI using high magnification and polarized light microscopy (Oosight) respectively, advanced embryo culture systems.  

The use of Artificial Intelligence in ART

Speaker: Dr Roland Chieng

Dr Chieng will speak on the application implications of Artificial Intelligence in embryo selection for clinical practice and the planned randomised controlled trial of AI.

He will speak on the development of the Artificial Intelligence program in the EmbryoScope incubators, and describe how Artificial intelligence system analyses the growth of the embryos.

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