Virtus Fertility Centre is organising a complimentary fertility virtual meeting for couples who aim to fall pregnant and wish to take a positive step towards conceiving. 

Through this free virtual meeting, you will learn about the factors affecting fertility, treatment options available (including IUI and IVF) and expectations, latest advancements in IVF science, and next steps. Speakers from Virtus Fertility Centre, as well as a renowned TCM physician and a professional fertility coach and counsellor, will be presenting on this online platform. At the end of the virtual meeting, you will also have the opportunity to have your questions addressed by our speakers. 

To ensure a quality virtual meeting session, slots are limited and you are highly encouraged to register with us today.


2PM - Navigating Stress During the Fertility Journey (Ms Sharon Lim, Fertility Coach and Counsellor)

2:30PM - Factors that Influence the Outcome of IVF: Sperm, Oocytes, and IVF Laboratory (Dr Liow Swee Lian, Scientific Director)

3:15PM - How Acupuncture Can Help Your IVF Journey (Mr Edmund Pang, Principal TCM Physician); How Fertile Are You? (Dr Roland Chieng, Founding Medical Director)

4PM - Q&A