Transparent and affordable fees with Virtus Fertility Centre

Depending on your recommended treatment plan, overcoming your fertility issues could be a lot more affordable than you expect. We want to make sure there are no surprises - so you can understand exactly what each of our advanced services includes. And of course, the end result is priceless.

IVF Treatment Costs

The table below provides an estimate of out-of-pocket costs for fertility treatment with Virtus Fertility Centre. Following IVF and ICSI cycles, excess embryos can be frozen using the latest vitrification freezing methods. This gives you the option of a Frozen Embryo Transfer at a later date.

* With maximum allowable Medisave withdrawal for 1st and 2nd cycles, the out-of-pocket payment for a complete IVF treatment cycle can be within $3,000. Contact us for more information.

Treatment Details Cost
Couples Fertility Assessment Pelvic ultrasound for the woman, a semen analysis for the man and combined couple consultation by Fertility Specialist $309
Oocyte (Egg) Retrieval All inclusive of doctor’s fees, anaesthetist fees, operating theatre & recovery room charges, laboratory charges (ICSI/IMSI, Blastocyst culture) and freezing & storage of embryos for 90 days $9,200* - $9,600**
Embryo Transfer All inclusive of doctor’s fees, operating theatre, recovery room charges and laboratory charges (embryo thawing if necessary, assisted hatching) $4,000 - $5,300**
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) All inclusive of doctor's fees, facility fees and laboratory charges including catheter $880

** A range for IVF cycle costs is provided due to variations in individual treatment plans which should be discussed with your fertility specialist. Contact us for more information.

Please note these fees may change without further notice. Prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). All fees quoted exclude prevailing GST charges. We accept all major credit cards and Nets for Fertility Treatment payment.

There are three main types of cost for your IVF treatment. These are:

Your Initial Consultation

At your first appointment with one of our Fertility Specialists, your doctor will review your medical history, assess your general health, and arrange initial tests and investigations for you and your partner. Your first consultation with your Fertility Specialist will take place at their private rooms, and their initial and follow up consultation fees vary. Learn more about our couples assessment package »

MediSave rebates

Medisave withdrawals for IVF treatment (capped at $15,000) is available for Singaporean or Permanent Residents.  The maximum withdrawal limits for individual treatment cycles are as follows:

  • S$6,000 for the first cycle
  • S$5,000 for the second cycle
  • S$4,000 for the third cycle (if eligible)

Gap-only payment is available if you are claiming Medisave for your treatment cycle.  This means that you pay only the difference between the total fees and the claimable Medisave amount. It can significantly reduce the upfront payment you are required to pay for your treatment cycle. You can discuss the details and terms & conditions of this option with our team.