Pre-pregnancy Pilates – Strength

In this week’s Pilates class, Professional Specialist Pilates and Movement Instructor, Fiona Malone, is focusing on building strength using a thera-band for resistance.

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In addition to strengthening our pelvic floor muscles, Pilates strengthens the whole body and assists in gaining awareness of your movement patterns.

It also helps to build that mind-breathe-body connection, keeps your body nimble, reduces lower back pain and improves posture – which can all be very useful tools as your body prepares to carry the added weight of a baby.

Working with a resistance band will help you gain more strength. It is important to maintain `good technique’ throughout the exercises. Fiona adds, “If you feel you are unable to keep your core connected during these exercises, or you feel pain other than in your muscles, don’t be afraid to stop and go back to previous classes to continue building the correct technique and strength.”

Read on below for a snippet of some of the exercises for this week and do not forget to warm up before you start your session.


Seated Pelvic Floor exercise with Bi-cep Curl

This exercise is an extension of the seated pelvic floor exercise described in previous classes. Fiona explains, “This move is a great multitasker, as it helps to gain breathe and pelvic floor connection, core strength and control, postural strength, connection to lats, and strengthening of bi-ceps.” Watch the workout video for a full explanation of this movement.


Quadruped with Thera-band

The objective of this exercise is to keep the torso still and centred, while building deep core stabilising strength, and improving your lats, triceps and shoulder strength. Using the Thera-band will add extra resistance and create more of a challenge to keep your body stabilised throughout the core and the diagonal slings. “See if you can keep your body horizontal throughout the exercise and remember to breathe!” Fiona says.


Thoracic Extension with Thera- band

Why add this move to your workout? Fiona explains, “Building the strength between your shoulder blades is extremely important to aid in posture and in preparation for feeding your little one. Also ideal for hours spent sitting!” To enable these muscles groups to work, we need to be able to move the spine. And spine articulation exercises and rotation are key to keeping your spine supple.