Victory Yoga's Core & Posture Flow

This yoga flow will activate your core muscles and improve balance, flexibility, endurance & brain power.

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Keeping a strong core can improve your posture, balance and more.

Having a strong core isn’t necessarily about having abs like a Victoria’s Secret model. Yoga instructor Valerie Saindorn says the benefits of a strong core are on the inside, helping your posture and protecting your spine. “A strong core will also help your balance, flexibility, endurance and brain power,” she says.


This ab burner can be modified by grabbing the inside of your knees with your hands. “If you want to challenge yourself you can extend the legs and  or bring your arms over your head,” says Valerie.


As well as your core, this will strengthen your legs, shoulders and arms. “By bringing the knee to one elbow, or the other, you will work different ab muscles,” advises Valerie.


Side plank targets the oblique (side) abdominal muscles,  and can be done on your  hand or – as an easier option – your forearm with one knee dropped down. “You also have the option to lift the top leg up to challenge yourself,” 
says Valerie.