Pre-pregnancy Pilates – The Foundations

Welcome to week one of four, of our Pilates classes. Meet your personal Pilates instructor, Fiona Malone, owner of The Eloquent Body, Professional Specialist Pilates and Movement Instructor. This week focuses on the foundation of Pilates.

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Whether you’re a first-timer to Pilates, or have been attending Pilates classes for years, it is so important to understand the mind-body-breath connection, check that your technique is correct, and your body is in alignment.

Each week, we will build on the previous class and gradually progress and incorporate more and more advanced, strengthening moves. This is a full 40-minute class so take the time to watch the slow stretch sequence here to warm up and lay the foundations for the weeks to come.

Here’s a snippet of a few of the exercises we will perform in class 1.


The Bridge

The Bridge is all about getting your spine moving, connecting your breath, and checking in with your body. Spine articulation (movement) is key to being able to connect your abdominals correctly. The Bridge exercise is a great way to loosen up your spine, breathe, access your pelvic floor, open up your hip flexors, working through your hamstrings and glutes. Do this exercise daily to check in with yourself and keep yourself feeling supple.


Knee floats

This move is a must-do for focusing on the correct use of your pelvic floor muscles and stabilising the muscles around the pelvis. Something to watch out for with this move – try not to use your hip flexors or let your back arch off the floor – focus on targeting your pelvic floor. Feel free to use a little pillow under your head if you are uncomfortable flat on the floor.


Chest Lifts

Chest lifts are a classic movement that not only helps to strengthen your abdominals, but it also builds your shoulder girdle, lats and helps stretch your thoracic spine (upper back). Take a wide breath in, then on your exhale, lift your pelvic floor, draw your belly button to the spine, and use your lats to lift the chest towards the knee. Be careful not to push your belly outward, and focus on that inhale, exhale.