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Welcome to your pre-pregnancy guide - the first step in getting yourself into the best mental and physical space to start your family.

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With each Before Baby Pre-Pregnancy guide, we set you up for success by busting the biggest myths around conception and guiding your financial goals in preparation for parenthood. We also explore fertility-friendly yoga moves, share delicious recipes and examine the role of positive emotional wellbeing. Because we understand that every fertility journey is unique, and being armed with knowledge is powerful!

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week 1

Week One

  • Fertility 101 - What you need to know
  • Choline in your diet & Mediterranean frittata recipe
  • Victory Yoga's Happy Hips Flow
  • How to build trust, according to an expert
  • Your new year financial goals
week 2

Week Two

  • Preparing for your fertility check-up 
  • Iodine & fertility: delicious prawn and feta recipe
  • Victory Yoga's Feel Good Flow
  • Emotional health: understanding shame
  • How to financially prepare for being a parent
week 3

Week Three

  • What you need to know about fertility treatment
  • Be an iron woman with our grilled lamb with pila and tzatziki recipe
  • Victory Yoga's Core & Posture Flow
  • Self-compassion 101
  • Money tips I wish I knew beforehand
week 4

Week Four

  • The future of fertility: science and technology
  • Veg Out- a recipe to boost your levels of fertility-friendly vitamin C and folate
  • Victory Yoga's Fertility Flow
  • How vulnerability can make you stronger
  • Kakeibo: the Japanese art of saving money

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