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Program Highlights:

Woman Doing Stretching Warm up Exercise in Living Room at Her Home

Week One

  • Fertility 101 - What you need to know
  • Your 'Before Baby' checklist
  • Chewing the fat for fertility: Good fats vs bad fats 
  • Pre-pregnancy Yoga Session 1
  • How to keep sex enjoyable when trying to conceive
  • Before Baby Spotify Playlist 
BB Week 2

Week Two

  • What is infertility?
  • Preparing for your fertility check-up 
  • Nutty goodness: the fertility superfood
  • Pre-pregnancy Yoga Session 2
  • Communication is key: physical and emotional intimacy
  • Before Baby Spotify Playlist 
BB Week 3

Week Three

  • What you need to know about fertility treatment
  • Up your antioxidant game to protect your fertility
  • Pre-pregnancy Yoga Session 3
  • What to do when one of you is not in the mood
  • Before Baby Spotify Playlist 
BB Week 4

Week Four

  • Genetics 101
  • The future of fertility: science and technology
  • Vegetarian diets while trying to conceive – friend or foe?
  • Pre-pregnancy Yoga Session 4
  • How to keep the spark alive
  • Before Baby Spotify Playlist 

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