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What is the impact on us and the country if the birth rate declines? What are the efforts to increase the birth rate? Mediacorp Vasantham – Ethiroli 25th Sep 2019
Getting pregnant through IVF now safer for older women, doctors say Channel News Asia 29th Aug 2019
Be fearless and fight for your right: Tips for overcoming career challenges Human Resources 30th Apr 2019
Want To Get Pregnant In The Future? Read This First Cleo 30th Apr 2019
Your 7-step plan to getting pregnant faster SmartParents 18th Apr 2019
The egg freezing dilemma of women in Singapore Channel NewsAsia 14th Apr 2019
How To Make A Baby? Toggle 4th Apr 2019
10 Ways to Prep Your Body for Optimum Fertility Before Pregnancy Singapore Motherhood 15th Feb 2019
Infertility can be a man’s problem too The Straits Times 13th Jan 2019
Rise in male infertility in Singapore mirrors global sperm crisis The Business Times 12th Jan 2019
What an expert wants you to know about IVF Women's Weekly 17th Aug 2018
What Is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? The New Age Parents 3rd Aug 2017
Tips on How to Increase Fertility The New Age Parents 13th Feb 2017
5 Ways To Up Your Chances Of Having A Rooster Baby The Singapore Women's Weekly 7th Feb 2017
Singapore's oldest mum had twins in her 50s The Straits Times 5th Feb 2017
Egg donors come to the rescue of couples with fertility issues The Straits Times 5th Feb 2017
A Guide to Why Infertility Occurs Mummyfique 15th Jan 2017
More women in Singapore giving birth in their 40s The Straits Times 27th Dec 2016
四招让男人提高受孕概率 Lianhe Zaobao 13th Dec 2016
Better Together: Couples should undergo fertility assessments together The Asian Parent 28th Jul 2016
Would You Freeze Your Embryos? Singapore's Child 7th Jul 2016
调查:男女因素各半.狮城每6对夫妻1不孕 Sin Chew Online 7th Jul 2016
More Singapore couples getting help to conceive The Straits Times 23rd Mar 2016
Age, not race, affects pregnancy rates The Straits Times 23rd Mar 2016
45% of women in Singapore overestimate chances of getting pregnant in their 30s AsiaOne 22nd Feb 2016
Your Fertility Is Not Infinite! Shape 10th Feb 2016
Surviving CNY While Coping with Infertility Singapore Motherhood 15th Jan 2016
When Relatives Ask: 7 Ways On How You Can Manage Infertility Questions The New Age Parents 16th Dec 2015
IVF couples seek ‘embryo screening’ to improve pregnancy chances Today 16th Dec 2015
Male Infertility: What you need to know Singapore Motherhood 1st Dec 2015
Male factor in infertility cases on rise Today 9th Sep 2015
Dealing with Miscarriages Chanel NewsAsia Health Matters 7th Sep 2015
How to get pregnant if you have an irregular menstrual cycle The Asian Parent 3rd Jul 2015
Why a second child can be difficult to conceive The Asian Parent 8th Jun 2015
Happiness is…having a baby AsiaOne 17th Mar 2015
Getting emotionally prepared for IVF Meeningfully 13th Feb 2015
How acupuncture can aid your fertility? New Age Pregnancy 1st Feb 2015
Virtus Fertility Centre, Singapore Meeningfully 26th Jan 2015
A New Centre for Fertility Singapore Motherhood 22nd Jan 2015
亚洲不育妇女较迟接受人工受孕 联合早报网 Zaobao 21st Jan 2015

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